Customer Stories: John Robinson of Heaton Creative

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John Robinson of Heaton Creative


I started using Perch in November 2010. I have used WordPress and Mambo, but over the years we’ve looked at so many different solutions both commercial and open source. I think it’s the simplicity of Perch that makes it such a great product and that’s key not only for designers but also for users who just want to edit their content.

Perch is really easy to implement and crucially it doesn’t change your workflow unlike other template-based systems. You can just get on with designing a site the way you want to and then just drop in the Perch tags at the last minute. It also feels like it’s written totally with the end user in mind.

Perch hasn’t changed the way we create sites and that’s the beauty of it. It has made the web services we offer more valuable. To be able to offer users a simple, flexible way of editing content for a really small fee is great. As designers we love the simplicity of installation, ease of use, great support and the way it’s extendible with apps and now through the api.

- John Robinson