Customer Stories: Dave Ellis from NoVolume

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Dave Ellis from NoVolume


I started using Perch when, at a late stage on a web design and build project, my client decided they would actually like the ability to edit the content themselves. I’d heard about Perch and watched the introductory video and it seemed to fit my needs so I took the plunge. An afternoon later my client had what they wanted.

I’ve used many other content management systems over the years and at first choosing Perch was a bit of a leap of faith. It looked like a good fit in terms of what my client needed and also how I could work with it. I’m not a developer so needed something that could meet the requirements but also be pretty designer friendly. That said, I think one of Perch’s best features is its very client friendly admin area.

Perch hasn’t changed the way that I build sites – and that certainly goes in Perch’s favour. I still build the sites as I always have, I generally opt to drop Perch in quite late on in the process after I’m happy with all the html and css.

Perch just works like it should from the client’s point of view. There aren’t hundreds of options and terminology to get to grips with and as such they generally need very little training – ordinarily I will just run them through the different types of content they can affect over the telephone. I’ve never needed to give any more training than that. It’s generally a pretty daunting experience for a client sitting down in front of the admin area on a platform like Wordpress for the first time, so I think its a breath of fresh air for them to be able to login to a new system and feel pretty comfortable with it right from the off.

- Dave Ellis