Customer Stories: Danielle Nelson of Hot Glue Media

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Danielle Nelson of Hot Glue Media


I started using Perch in October 2010 and have also had experience of WordPress and GetSimple. We chose Perch as the CMS for our own company website as it’s perfect for our site. While it’s mostly static, we needed the site to be editable by multiple people (we’re a team of four, spread across two states) without editing the source. We wanted a nice light CMS – WordPress was overkill in this case – and we’d heard such great things about Perch, we decided to give it a go.

Perch hasn’t changed the way we create sites. All of the sites we create, whether they’re destined to be static, Perch, or WordPress, start the same way – first on paper, then in Photoshop, then HTML/CSS, then any required CMS hooks. It’s definitely opened up what we can offer to our clients, however – it’s small, light, simple, and easy/fast to deploy.

- Danielle Nelson

Example site
Perch features used: Basic setup with custom templates, also using the Backup App.