Customer Stories: Andrew Appleton from Float Left

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Andrew Appleton from Float Left


I started using Perch in October 2010, having used WordPress on other projects. I chose Perch for the simplicity. I had a project that did not require loads of functionality, but the client still wanted to be able to control the page content. I could have built it with another CMS but it would have given the client an admin interface full of confusing features they weren’t using.

Clients find the editing experience super easy. I have never had a question about how to do something or how something works. The only training I have had to do is point the client at domain/perch and tell them their log in details! The admin interface is so simple that there was no need for any more coaching and the client was uploading images and editing content straight away.

The simple admin interface and easy client handover is my favourite thing about Perch.

- Andrew Appleton

Example site
Perch features used: file uploads and custom content templates.