Customer Stories: Alex Tebbutt of Ifnotwhynot

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Alex Tebbutt of Ifnotwhynot

I started using Perch at version 1.5 and have used TextDrive and WordPress in the past. I’d heard about Perch on the grape vine and people where quite excited about it as a new approach to implementing a CMS. I checked out the website and loved the immediacy of it as well as it’s simplicity.

By happy coincidence I had just started a new project and it looked like an ideal fit with what the client wanted and, selfishly, a chance for me to try out something new.

Perch fits more naturally into my workflow than other content management systems. I tend to build sites in browser (after some good old pencil sketch mockups) so I will complete the HTML and CSS work, in effect finalizing the site and content first, and then inject perch afterwards.

With the other CMS’s I have used it often feels like I have to design and build around them and deal with the headaches they induce when the CSS rules invariably break due to the complexity of the systems.

Perch has made training clients so much easier. The defining comment that I get from all my clients who use Perch says it all.

“Oh, it’s that simple?!?”

My favourite thing about Perch is its ease of use and the total control it provides for the developer. I also have to say the support for Perch has been fantastic. Drew is a star!

- Alex Tebbutt

Example site
Perch features used: All content controlled by Perch, blog app and perch_custom_content to generate the portfolio gallery