Announcing the Upcoming Add-ons Directory

In the coming weeks we’ll be moving all of our First Party add-ons to Perch to our new Perch Addons Directory. First Party official Apps and other add-ons will remain free, but the new directory should make it far easier for you to keep tabs on the latest versions of apps. We’ve got some plans to make that even easier in the future.

The Add-ons Directory isn’t just for us to host our add-ons however. We’d love for it to become a central place for Perch Add-ons – whether free or commercial – to help promote the work you are doing creating extensions for Perch. So this is just a “heads up” about the upcoming Directory as we would love as many of you as possible to have your add-ons included at launch.

Initially the Directory will allow you to add details about your add-on and a link to your site for purchase if applicable and download. Depending on interest we might in the future make this more of a marketplace that can take payment on your behalf. As with everything in and around Perch we’ll take a lead on that from the people who want to host their add-ons there.

If you have add-ons you would like to be included drop us a line at so we can include you in the pre-launch phase.

What can be added to Perch?

If you are a PHP developer you should find extending Perch a straightforward job. Perch can be extended by way of Field Types, Dashboard Widgets, Editor Plugins, Feathers (our packaged front-end scripts) and Apps. Get started by taking a look at the API Documentation, and if you have any questions pop into the Perch Forum for help.