Announcing Perch Multi-site Subscription licensing

We try to make our licensing work with the way that you build and handover websites.

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Our focus is on supporting designers and developers who build sites for their clients, so we license in a way that makes sense for that. For the majority of you the one license = one site model works well. Some of you keep all the licenses for client sites that you maintain in your own accounts, some of you ask clients to buy their own, others transfer the license at the end of the project.

We’re not going to change that model. Why mess with something that works well for people? However today we are announcing an alternative way to pay for licenses, in order to meet a couple of different use cases. Reflecting how people use Perch today.

We are introducing a multiple site subscription option for Perch.

For 39 GBP per month (+VAT) you can have up to 50 Perch sites using a single license key plus staging and development version of each. As long as the sites are updated and maintained by you, and you continue the subscription the sites remain licensed. The only real difference will be that you cannot transfer a license linked to your subscription. In the case of transferring ownership to a client they would just need to buy a one-off license as before. And, as a subscription you need to continue monthly payments in order for the sites to remain licensed.

Need more than 50 licenses? You can adjust the quantity at checkout to add as many multiples of 50 as you need. It’s all then billed in one convenient, predictable monthly transaction.

Who is this for?

The multi-site subscription aims to meet the needs of a few customer use cases we are seeing. For example:

Other benefits of multi-site

There are a couple of things multi-site makes it easier for us to provide.

Domain auto-config

Something we can do when you have a big bucket of licenses is to automatically configure the domain for you. This is especially useful for companies with many developers but only one person holding account access.

If you have a multi-site license our systems will see the incoming request and, if it is new, just set that up in one of your slots. That’s it, you’re straight in with no further configuration needed. You can still then go into your account and change which slot it is tied to, but this means a developer can create a new site without needing to wait for the license to be updated.

Runway Developer license access

The multi-site subscription is Perch only for commercial sites. We may look at a higher priced subscription to Runway if there is demand.

However, as a Runway Developer license is the same price as a regular Perch license we are allowing multi-site slots to also be used for Runway Developer licensed sites. We think this will be a huge benefit in terms of using these licenses for development convenience. We already allow a developer license to be used for a Work in Progress, as long as you purchase a full Runway license when the site goes live, this is a great use of your multi-site license.

It also means if you have a live project that would fit into the Developer license terms then you could use a slot for that.

Buy your multi-site license

Special launch offer: sign up for a Perch Multi-site subscription before 23rd November 2015 and save 25% on your first bill.1

You can grab yourself a multi-site license today. Or read the FAQ for more details. We’ve started to create a page of use cases for these licenses – if you have any questions however just drop us a line!

1 The sign-up price will show as the full amount, but the first monthly payment will be reduced by 25%.