a CMS that lets you do more

What if you could do more with the skills you already have? Perch is a CMS built for web designers and developers. Find out how Perch can help you delight your clients, build amazing websites and grow your business.

Building Your Business

Perch helps you to provide better solutions to your clients by providing elegant and simple content management. Design and build your sites the way you like best, then Perch steps in adding the CMS, forms, blog or events calendar functionality that you need.

Helping Content Editors

Many Content Management Systems provide a confusing interface of options. Perch is different, we start simple and allow you to hide away options that your client doesn’t need.

Simplicity means that clients can edit their content easily themselves – saving you time in supporting them to make changes to their own site.

Creating FAST sites

A slow website can turn away visitors and even impact on your Google ranking. Sites that are slow to edit become out of date as busy business owners get frustrated and bump updating their content to the bottom of their list.

Perch has been developed to be fast. We obsess over page load speeds so that you can be sure that the CMS doesn’t impact on the performance of your site. By keeping the system highly performant Perch will even run on the worst hosting that your client could insist on using – and will really fly on decent hosting.

... and creating sites fast

You can be up and running, editing content through Perch in minutes. Drop a Perch Region into a page, log into the admin and select a template and you’ve got started.

Unlike other systems marketed as simple this is just the beginning. Your client might just want to edit a few sections today, but ask for much more tomorrow. Perch will have your covered – and if the requirements become really complex, Perch Runway gives you somewhere to go.

Perch does not dictate your ...


You can design a site and then drop Perch in at the end of the process. You do not need to build your entire site using a framework to be able to use Perch – this makes it ideal for adding to existing sites. It also means you can continue to work in the way that you enjoy.


You have full control of your mark-up when using Perch by creating your own content templates. These can be as simple as a textarea or more complex such as contact information marked up using the hcard microformat or HTML5 microdata. The templates can use any mark-up that you like – you can even edit xml, json or other text files using Perch.

Amazing Support

If you are relying on software to provide a service to your clients then you need to know that you will get help if you hit a problem or just need some advice.

Unlimited support is included with every Perch license. If you need help, we’re here for you.

Retrofit an existing site

Perch is a great solution if you need to add a CMS to an existing live site.

Get started quickly by dropping in a few Perch Regions and creating some custom templates that mirror your current static HTML, and you are good to go.

Free Official Add-ons

Many products advertise a low priced or even free core product but then costs start to creep up when you factor in all the additional addons and plugins needed to complete the site. Even worse these requirements might not come up until you are part way through development.

We don’t think this is a friendly pricing model, so once you have a Perch license you can use any of our first party addons free of additional license fees. Now – and in the future.

Our history

Perch is developed by and was 5 years old on 31st May 2014. The initial idea for Perch was to create something to use on our own projects. We wanted to create something really quick and easy to deploy for those small, low budget sites.

Perch was bootstrapped and has received no investment funding. The product was profitable within 24 hours of launch and is now our main focus as a business. With no investors we can ensure that the decisions we make always have our customers at the centre.

With the launch of Perch 2 in July 2012 we have aimed to maintain the basic use case of a really little CMS but add features that enable sites to grow and continue to use Perch as their CMS.

Perch Runway brings more advanced content management features to Perch and a move away from the page-based methodology. The two products will ensure that you can use the Perch you know and love, choosing simple Perch for simple projects and the more complex Perch Runway for the bigger ones.

Reviews & Feedback

Our Twitter favorites is a curated stream of lovely things our users have said about us.

Find out why People love Perch in our section detailing some of the ways people are delighting their clients using Perch.

Resources for Reviewers

If you want to review Perch then get in touch, we’ll be happy to provide you with anything that you need.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us at with any questions. We like to have happy customers so we’ll be very honest if we don’t think Perch will suit the project you are working on.