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We don’t just sell you software and leave you to get on with it. When you use Perch you know you can rely on our help and support. We want Perch to help you delight clients and grow your design business.

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Our focus is on adding the features that our customers ask for. We provide frequent updates, implementing the things you need and ask for.

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  • Sarah Evans

    Being a designer it’s important to me that the CMS doesn’t dictate the design so I have no constraints. I love how easy it is to get started with implementing Perch into existing HTML. It’s fitted perfectly into the way I like to work.

  • Brandon Livengood

    I no longer have to field phone calls and emails about how to do certain things in a CMS like I have in the past. This is a win-win when it comes to clients and their content.

  • Graham Street

    With Perch, the CMS is almost secondary as the site design takes priority and we don’t have to change the way we build sites.

  • John Robinson of Heaton Creative

    Perch hasn’t changed the way we create sites and that’s the beauty of it. It has made the web services we offer more valuable. As designers we love the simplicity of installation, ease of use, great support and the way it’s extendible with apps and through the api.

  • Chris Gerringer

    I’ve had only overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone that I’ve introduced to Perch. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to update. I love using it because they love using it. Perch is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • James Stanley

    We work with a wide range of clients, with a varying range of technical abilities. The thing that amazes me time and time again is that once we explain the interface to Perch and walk the customer through it, usually in a 30-60 minutes hands-on training session, they “get it” really quickly.

  • Jim Clarkson

    The feedback [from clients] is good – all, if familiar with WordPress, prefer using Perch. A recent client actually said ‘Thanks for actually delivering a CMS that is as easy as you described’.

  • WeCreate

    Our clients love Perch as much as we do. When we tried Perch for the first time we couldn’t believe how easy it was to get up and running, [but also] editing content was so simple that training wasn’t even required in some instances.

  • Andy Howells of Unleash It

    We can craft and code from scratch with no restraints … It doesn’t impact our design or front end development. I feel other CMS’s interfere too much and dictate a way of developing that may not suit every project.

  • Ryan Singer of 37signals

    I love that Perch is apparently trying to stay out of my templates. I feel like my templates are still fully under my control, and I can sprinkle a little Perch in here and there to get the client-editable magic that I need.

  • Al Macmillan of Atomised Co-operative Ltd

    What I immediately liked about Perch was that it is itself built on a modern light MVC framework and you can content manage your site rather than the other way round. For example in something like WordPress the underlying assumptions are so fixed you need to fit your site into the WordPress mold. So many CMS work this way but I want to manage my site architecture rather than have it dictated to me.

  • Andrew Appleton from Float Left

    Clients find the editing experience super easy. I have never had a question about how to do something or how something works. The only training I have had to do is point the client at domain/perch and tell them their log in details!

  • Todd of Xiiro

    I felt Perch offered enough wiggle-room to grow and mature with the site. Also, apart from any technical considerations, something that often gets overlooked yet factored heavily into my buying decision was the technical support from Rachel and Drew which has always been fast, friendly and thorough, both pre-sale and after.

The latest about Perch

  • The new Assets Panel

    Perch 2.5 is now available

    Perch 2.5 is now available for purchase and in your account as a free update for any Perch 2 license. This is our biggest feature release since the launch of Perch 2 in that it includes the much requested Assets management and reuse feature.

    Also included is a new Markdown Parser bringing the features of Parsedown Extra to our Markdown support.

  • The New Perch Forums

    Perch Support relaunch

    If you head on over to Perch Support you’ll find things looking a bit different. As we revealed on the blog earlier this month, we’ve been working to bring a new forum and support system online, and today we’re all set to start using it.

  • Perch Runway

    Perch Runway is Landing

    The secret is out! Those crafty Perch birds have been getting their wings. Perch Runway is the new edition of Perch designed for those bigger and more complex sites.

    Perch Runway presents a different way of building sites with Perch. You’ll get all of the structured content and templating that you love but you’ll also have built in URL rewriting and routing – therefore no requirement to have physical files.

  • People love Perch!

    People love Perch

    We’re launching a new section of the Perch site today by publishing two interviews with customers from Unleash It and WeCreate.

    People love Perch aims to give some insight into the type of people who use Perch and why it is useful to them. We’ll be posting some more interviews in the next few days and are always on the lookout for more stories and feedback. Drop us a line if you would like to be featured.

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