Formatting your posts

The Perch Forum allows formatting of posts and replies with Markdown. The most useful options are listed below.


You can mark up code in-line using backticks (`code`), or add a code block by adding at least four spaces to the start of a line:

    This is a code block

Code blocks can also be marked up by using the ~~~ characters:

perch_content_custom('Example', array(
'count' => 10,
'start' => 100,

You can also write your code in a Gist and paste the URL into your post or reply. This can be handy for larger chunks of code.


…up to six levels

Emphasis and Importance


Numbered lists: type 1. then a space

1. Ordered list item
2. Ordered list item
3. Ordered list item

Any number (followed by a full stop and space) can be used.

Bulleted lists: type *, - or + then a space

Create a bulleted list by using an asterisk (*), hyphen (-), or plus sign (+), followed by a space. For example:

* Bulleted list item
* Bulleted list item
* Bulleted list item


Type > plus a space (just like email):

> A quoted paragraph
>> A quoted paragraph inside a quotation


Create a link by surrounding the link text in square brackets, followed immediately by the URL in parentheses:

[text to link](


You can add also images via the following syntax:

![alt text for image](