Support for end users

If your site was built for you and you need help

Perch is typically sold to web designers and agencies who then build sites for their clients using it. If someone built your website using Perch, this information is for you.

Does Perch host my website?

We do not host your website. If you do not know where your site is hosted it is likely that your original designer set that up for you. We do not have that information. We also can’t access your hosting or individual Perch install.

I am changing designer, how do I ensure I have access to my CMS?

You should ask your old designer to transfer your Perch license to you, if you do not already have the details. See below for how to do this. Also make sure you have the admin login to Perch as this may be different to the editor role that you log in with.

We would also suggest you make sure you have any other details such as where your site, domain and email are hosted.

Can you send me a full admin password to my Perch CMS?

We don’t have that information. If you are moving away from a designer you should ensure that you get those details from them to give to your new designer.

If you have a new designer but they don’t have access to the admin login then get them to post to the support forum as we can help them access the database and reset those details.

Your login details to the CMS on your hosting, and to your Perch account on our website are two different things. If you just need access to your account on the Perch website you can reset your password on the login page.

Can you transfer a Perch license from my designer to me?

Our contract is with the person who bought the license. If they are happy to transfer that to you then follow these steps.

  • Create a new account by going through the first step of the buy a license process on the Perch site – just don’t actually pay for a new license.
  • Ask the person who bought the license to email us, they need to tell us the email address of your new account and the license key to transfer.
  • We will then transfer the license to your account
  • We cannot transfer a license without the contact from the person who bought it.

Help in finding a new designer

To develop a site using Perch you require HTML and CSS skills, therefore if you are an end client who wants to add features to an existing site you will need someone with those skills to help.

We have a list of design and development companies who know Perch and have signed up to our Registered Developer Programme. We would suggest contacting people from that list as they know the product well and so can help you.

You will need to give your new designer access to the Perch admin account and also to your webhosting. If they then have any technical support issues they can post to our support forum as usual.