The really little CMS

Perch has been designed to solve the problems freelance designers and agencies deal with every day.

Perch lets you turn static websites into a CMS. It works with your existing tools and workflows, with no cumbersome themes to create. Our simple, streamlined admin UI means no more calls from clients who can’t remember how to edit their sites. Our commitment to make the code super-efficient means your site loads fast.

Watch our video to see how simple integrating Perch into a static HTML template can be.


Simplicity in development

Keeping things simple is key. We have a simple approach to templating that should be familiar to anyone who writes HTML. You don’t need to know PHP to use Perch, so you can be up and running with a content managed site in minutes – using the skills you already have.

Martin Underhill

Perch is a joy to build a site with, has great docs, an awesome community, and support is there whenever it’s needed. My clients love it too as the control panel is so intuitive, making it a breeze to update their content.

Martin Underhill - tempertemper Web Design

Simplicity for clients and content editors

Our admin UI is kept clean and straightforward as we don’t bundle everything plus the kitchen sink with the core product. Our templates enable the addition of help text in CMS forms so you can guide your clients and maintain the content strategy even when you aren’t there to hold their hands.

Our ACL means that you can turn off parts of the functionality to avoid confusing clients, or allowing them to break their own site.

Free, comprehensive add-ons

Perch Core deals with editing content and managing pages in your site. If you want a blog, events add-on, to host podcasts or to create forms then choose from our selection of free first-party add-ons.

A perfect choice to retrofit a static site

Perch is a perfect choice to retrofit a static site. Keep your existing pages, drop in Perch Regions and start editing content.

This also means that if you prefer to build out your complete site before dealing with a CMS you can and our flexible templates keep you in control of the markup so you don’t need to worry that the front-end build will be wasted due to the CMS inserted unwanted markup.

Making your site fast and resilient

With Google taking site load times into consideration when ranking, and many visitors to your site using mobile broadband it has never been more important that your site loads quickly. Perch has been developed to be fast. We cache output at edit time, we avoid doing silly things like converting text to Markdown at runtime, and we use the power of a proper database, with well optimized queries to serve your site.

No messing with your markup

If you can build it in HTML then you can make it editable in Perch. Your Perch templates are always under your control. Want to use a jQuery plugin that requires specific markup? A fan of Bootstrap? Want to use OO CSS? No problem with Perch.

Perch can be used to edit things other than HTML files, for example XML or JSON and even has support for Responsive Web Design and responsive images.

Structured content

Perch templates create the admin UI, you use them to define what your content is. This means that content can be displayed in lots of different ways around the site using different templates. Your editors always know what to enter in each field rather than having to style their content in a big WYSIWYG, and you keep control of the design.

Perch can be part of your business

Perch is an ideal platform for rapid development of small business sites, helping you make more profit per job. Our pricing and licensing model aims to be freelancer and small agency friendly. You license Perch per site – paying a one time license fee that includes updates, support and any of our first party add-ons. Need help in six months time? No problem as support is free. Halfway through the project and the client wants a blog? There are no extra costs.

You can assign a staging and development domain as well as the live domain to each license, so you are able to test your site locally and demo changes to the client before making them live.

We also allow you to change the domain associated with your license. If a project never goes live you can reuse that license elsewhere. You can also transfer a license to another account, so if you and your client part ways you can make sure they have everything they need.

If you like we can underpin your retainer agreements with hands-on maintenance, helping you to put in place lucrative recurring revenue plans in your business.

Contact us at with any questions. Try a demo by signing up here. Want to try Perch for yourself? Buy a license – if you are not happy just let us know within 7 days and we’ll refund you.