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29 Nov 2013

Add a blog commenter to a MailChimp list

If you have a mailing list or newsletter you want to take every opportunity to encourage people to join it. Did you know that by using the Perch MailChimp Add-on you can give blog commenters the chance to join your list when leaving a comment?

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25 Nov 2013

New Perch MailChimp App

We have had a MailChimp Dashboard Widget for some time, displaying stats about your list on the Perch Dashboard. This release turns that simple widget into a fully featured Perch App, with useful functionality both in the admin and on the front-end of your site.

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27 Sep 2013

Perch Add-on Developers

We’ve had an API for Perch from early on. All of the official add-ons are built using that API, and we know that a large number of you build add-ons using the API for your own use or for specific projects. We feel there is a huge opportunity for some of you to start creating your own, commercial add-ons, and we’d love to know what we can do to encourage that.

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1 Oct 2012

Perch Blog 3.5

Today we have made live a new version of the Blog App for Perch 2, Blog Version 3.5. This includes a WordPress importer, simpler friendly URLs and a number of tweaks and performance optimizations.

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22 Sep 2011

Perch add-ons - what should we develop next?

Our official add-ons are free for anyone with a Perch license. We strongly believe that you should know what developing your site will cost in license fees. If you have paid for Perch – you can download and install every single one of our add-ons if you like, with no additional cost.

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22 Feb 2011

Our policy on commercial add-ons

With the launch of the developer API we have started to be asked about our policy on third party Apps. In particular, whether we are happy with developers creating and selling add-ons for Perch. So this post is an answer to that question.

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