Review of the Year 2014

At the end of 2013 on the Perch podcast we did a review of the year, we thought it would be fun to do the same for 2014.

You can listen to the podcast here, but here for readers rather than listeners is what we got up to in 2014.


Perch 2.4 was launched. This was the “fix all the things” release. It includes features such as:

We also released Perch Blog 3.9 with pagination and date formatting improvements, and started using the tagline “Make great websites faster”.


Perch 2.4.5 brought SVG support to Perch and Perch Gallery 2.8.4 tried to deal with failed file uploads in a better way. We went to ConFoo in Montreal, which was very cold, but we enjoyed it so much we’ll be there again in 2015.


Perch Blog 4.0 included Sections, so that one blog could be used in different ways on the site. It also added more template control.

The PayPal Shop”:/add-ons/apps/shop-paypal reached 1.2 with an updated minicart.

Perch 2.4.6 gave the ability to control which image library is used plus performance boosts.

We ran our first Perch Survey in March of 2014, and the results of that survey really informed the work we did over the rest of the year. Thank you to everyone who responded to that.

We also launched our new Solutions site, with lots of worked tutorials for achieving specific tasks.


Perch 2.4.7 included SSL features, making it easier to work with SSL on your sites. There were also a bunch of minor Blog updates.


We announced our Referral programme, and also that Perch 1 would reach end-of-life in May 2015. Other than that we were busy working on lots of things in preparation for June.


Perch turned 5! We launched all the things and also announced Perch Runway.

The new forum launched in June, we feel it has really been a huge improvement and we look forward to adding to that platform in the new year.

Perch 2.5 was released, this included the long-awaited Assets feature.

Also launched were a round of App updates:


The Assets feature was a lot of new code so July saw several minor updates to Perch as you used the feature and spotted issues and workflow problems.


Another major release of Perch, with the launch of Categories in Perch 2.6.


Perch reached 2.6.5 and we updated Blog and Twitter – adding the Tweet Field Type.

We also announced the Add-ons Directory, which is now almost complete. It has been put on hold partly while we shipped Perch Runway, but we expect it to be launched early in the new year.


We launched Perch Runway and Perch 2.7. So we now have two products! Initial feedback for Runway has been fantastic and many of you have upgraded numerous Perch sites to Perch Runway and are standardizing on Runway for new sites.

We also released Perch Forms 1.8, adding features you had requested:


Minor updates to Perch Blog taking it to 4.5.4 plus the Perch 2.7.4 release added the Attributes extend feature for Perch and Perch Runway plus the Related Content feature for Runway.


Perch Twitter 3.5 added Tweet scheduling and Perch Members 1.1 brought the ability to edit member details.

Drew rebuilt the 24 ways website using Runway, as it launched for the tenth season. You can read his post about the implementation.

Thank you for your support in 2014

As we head towards the end of the year it is a good time to say thank you to all Perchers. Your continued support of our small software company and independent product is very much appreciated. We love helping you to build great sites using Perch, and we are very excited by what we have coming for 2015. Keep talking to us, keep telling us what you need. Almost everything listed above came from conversations with Perchers – we are always listening and trying to work out the best way to add the features you need.