Shop (FoxyCart)

Create and manage shop inventory within Perch, and enable customers to buy from your site using FoxyCart.

  • Product Listing
  • Edit Product
  • Edit Category

Note: this add-on has been replaced by Perch Shop, and is therefore no longer recommended for new projects. It will only receive critical updates.

The FoxyCart version of the Shop app enables you to add and manage inventory on your site, integrating with your FoxyCart account for cart and checkout.

FoxyCart is a hosted cart and checkout service so you need an account with FoxyCart to use this add-on. The add-on provides the inventory management from Perch for FoxyCart.

Products are organized and can be viewed in multiple categories, and searched through your site’s search facility. The FoxyCart API integration enables products to be added to a cart for checkout, and provides callbacks for adjusting stock levels on your site after purchase.

Installation and Documentation

Full Documentation for the Shop App can be found on our support site.

Updating to v2.0: This app changed its appID from perch_shop to perch_shop_foxycart at version 2.0. You’ll need to update your apps.php file accordingly. The data format also changed – this is managed by the app, but we recommend dry-running the process on your dev site before going live to iron out any issues.


  • Type: App
  • Status: Deprecated – this app will only receive critical updates
  • Compatibility: Perch 2.8 or newer
  • License: Free
  • Developer: Perch
  • Full Documentation: Documentation

Change log

  • 2.1 – Updated for Perch 2.8
  • 2.0 – Multiple options and order management
  • 1.7 – Support for FoxyCart Store Version 1
  • 1.6 – Updated for FoxyCart API 1.0
  • 1.5.1 – Addresses bug in callback script
  • 1.5 – Updated for Perch 2

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