Add a powerful blog or news section to your site. Posts are archived by date, available through RSS and can be categorised and tagged.

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About the Blog App

The Blog App is our most popular add-on and is a mature blogging platform ready to be dropped into your Perch site.

As with everything in Perch you retain full control over the blog templates. You can add custom fields and design your blog pages exactly as you want them.

The Blog App includes comments functionality if you want to make use of it, with optional Akismet spam filtering.

The app includes content importers for WordPress and Posterous files. This makes it easy to move a blog from WordPress or move a blog from Posterous into Perch.

Installation & Documentation

Installation instructions and documentation can be found on our support and documentation site.

The example pages make use of Quill so you should download that also if you want to make use of the examples.

If updating from a version prior to 4.5, please read the installation notes.

See the Blog App in action!

Got an idea for an add-on? Visit the documentation site for details of our API.