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Whether you’ve got two-dozen sites running Perch or just one, our support team are here to answer your questions, and our community forum is buzzing to share ideas. If you need professional help, our Registered Developers can take on Perch projects.

Friendly online documentation

We are constantly improving our documentation in response to feedback, trying to strike a balance between terse technical documentation for developers and step-by-step tutorials and video for new users and those unfamiliar with installing a CMS.

The dedicated documentation site is divided into three areas:

Friendly online documentation


You pay a one-off cost per site and you then install the software on your server. Any updates to the version you purchase are made available to you free of charge. So buying version 2 gets you updates to version 1 (2.1, 2.2 etc) at no cost.

Perch version 1 was released in June 2009 and Perchers with early licenses enjoyed over 3 years of free updates before we launched version 2.

We are of course committed to providing any necessary security update to Perch 1 license holders if that became necessary.


Technical support

Perch comes with web based support for configuring and using the software. This done via our site at support.grabaperch.com.

We want to help every Perch customer have a great experience with our product. We deal with support requests quickly and thoroughly – whether they are basic issues from someone who has never installed a CMS before and needs a little help to get going, or more complicated questions from developers who are using the API to create their own apps.

We can help you with advice on getting Perch installed, configuring your site and any problems you might bump into. All our support team are knowledgable web developers in their own right, so well be able to either help you directly, or know what you should be asking your hosting company if the query needs to be directed to them.

If you are just getting started and need to post private information about your host or license then raise a private support ticket. For more general “how do I …” requests we encourage you to post to the forums. Perch official support answer queries there and you also benefit from the advice of our community – someone may well have already solved the problem you are tackling.

Registered Developer Network

Our Registered Developers are experienced Perch users and many of them will be happy to take on Perch projects for you.

This list should be your first port of call if you are someone who would like a Perch site developed, or need someone to take on a site developed using Perch.