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Perch aims to keep things simple, but under the hood are many powerful features. Unlike basic content editing systems, Perch truly manages content, just on a smaller scale.

Share content regions across pages

Content regions can be shared across all the pages of your site. This means you could have a region called ‘Site Title’, or maybe ‘Telephone number’ and, once shared, that content will be reused on any page that has a region with the same name.

This technique can be used to manage your site’s navigation, footer, common sidebar elements, and so on. Shared regions can be used for anything from simple repeated content all the way through to an easier-to-manage replacement for server-side includes. Take a look at the shared regions video to see how it works.

Share content regions across pages

Multiple-item content regions

Perch enables you to optionally specify to allow more than one content item in a region. This is useful if you wanted to maintain a navigation bar, or perhaps have some ‘latest news’ articles on your home page.

Any region that allows for multiple items can be configured to add new items to the top or to the bottom of the region, as well as options for sorting and limiting the number of items shown.

When editing the region, you can simply choose to save your changes, or to save and add another item. You can see this in action in the repeating regions video. It’s very straightforward.

Resize and thumbnail images

Perch can optionally resize JPG, GIF and PNG images as they’re uploaded, using maximum dimensions specified by you in the templates. Images are scaled down to fit, whilst being kept in proportion and looking good. If you want to crop images to a certain size, you can do that too.

This means that is it easy for your client to upload images without needing to learn how to resize them first. It also makes Perch great for using image galleries, slideshows and using JavaScript carousels to make your pages more interesting to visitors.

Image resizing requires support for one of either the GD or ImageMagick libraries on your web server. These are extremely common.


The Perch admin interface can be translated into multiple languages. Many community-created translations are available, and it’s reasonably simple to create your own provided you have a working knowledge of both English and the target language.

If you like, you can even share your new translation with the community so that others can benefit from your work.

A selection of language files are available for download from our add-ons section.

If you need to build a website for your visitors to view in multiple languages, there’s ways to do that too. We’ve outlined some ways to build a multilingual site in the Solutions section of the documentation.

Upload files

As well as regular text content and images, Perch makes it easy to upload files to your site.

Be that an annual report PDF, a Word document for site visitors to download and complete, or an MP3 or video file to play back on the site through a media player, uploading files is an easy routine task.

Upload files