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With a template system designed by pedantic front-end engineers, Perch leaves you in full control of your site’s HTML.

Full HTML5 Support and Mark-up control

Perch leaves all the markup to you – if what you’re publishing is text-based, then Perch will make it easy for you to do. That means HTML5 pages are supported as fully as HTML 4 or XHTML.

Our forms functionality does have specific HTML5 support, enabling you to publish all the HTML5 field types, and backing up HTML5 client validation rules with the same rules on the server, all automatically.

Perch has UTF8 support throughout, so publishing in extended character sets is possible. We’ve seen customers using both Japanese and Hebrew without trouble.

See the video on creating templates for more on how the templates offer you full markup control.

Full HTML5 Support and Mark-up control

Integrate your favourite scripting solutions

Got a favourite jQuery plugin or lightbox script that you want to use? Chances are that there’s no problem using it with Perch. As Perch gives you full markup control, in most cases it’s very easy to integrate any third party JavaScript into your site without needing specific support.

So if you use jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, Prototype, or just like to write your own front-end code, you shouldn’t have any trouble integrating it with Perch.

Integrate your favourite scripting solutions

Responsive Design - no problem

As a CMS for web designers our templating system keeps out of the way of your responsive design approach. For example you can instruct Perch to never output a width and height on images.

We also offer support for the responsive image techniques of the Picture Element and srcset attribute and for Compressive Images.